Zorb Ball

Fancy trying something completely different?

How about rolling down a hill in a giant ball? Then try out Zorb Balling! This is sure to get your adrenaline rushing through you as you roll down our 200 metre run!

Southdown adventure is pleased to be the first to introduce the whacky and wonderful sport of Zorb-balling to devon and the southwest on our custom-built Zorb run.

Be a little daring, it is perfect fun for anyone! Get your family, friends and colleagues and have a ball- quite literally!

We are open all year round (weather permitting) and we are happy to fit you in for a roll or two.. So come on over and give it a go! Guaranteed a scream!


2 people are harnessed in the ball
£20 per person, per roll - must have 2 people in the ball

Weight and height restrictions apply:
Height: from 4'6”
Weight: under 15 stone


Call us on 01271 858791