Bubble Football fun in North Devon!

Bubble Football is surely one of the most bizarre

and fun experiences you will ever have!


Send them flying!!

With Bubble Football (also known as Bumper Football) although the aim is to score goals, this is not regular football as you will soon find out when you bounce, roll and crash into your opponents to send them flying across the field. The more people you bump into the better, so you don't need to have the footwork of Lionel Messi to play and have a great time. All this is done inside an inflatable bubble protecting you from your head to your knees leaving your legs free to run move around the pitch.

Bubble Football North Devon
Bubble Football Southwest
Bumper Football North Devon
Great fun for groups

Bubble Football is a perfect activity for large family groups, Stag and Hen parties and also makes a great fun team-building activity for business groups.


£20 per person for 1 hour

Minimum 6 people required to play 3 a side games and party games, such as british bulldog, last man standing, rolly polly races.

Please note: We recommend the wearing of T-shirts, rather than vest tops, as the straps inside the bubble balls can cause discomfort when in direct contact with skin.

Must book a minimum of 1 day in advance. Minimum age: 7 years old and above.

And don't worry! ... if your group is too small then you can join in with another group if they are happy team up!


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